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  • Subramania Bhatt

Introducing Carbon Trading Desk

It is my great pleasure to introduce our latest venture Carbon Trading Desk.

Headquartered in Singapore, we aim to bring transparency to carbon emission for digital advertising campaigns and provide easy, verifiable, high-quality carbon credits to offset digital advertising campaigns.

As more agencies and brands are looking to get to Net-Zero by 2030, we aim to pioneer carbon emission calculations for all digital advertising campaigns, provide easy-to-understand climate impact variables, verified, high-quality carbon offset projects and easy mechanisms for carbon offset.

We are partnering with leading companies to bring this vision to reality. We shall share the details of our partnership, our detailed offering and our own net-zero pledge in the near future.

It is an exciting day for us and we are just getting started. I invite you to follow our journey as we help our partners reach carbon neutrality in their digital advertisements and towards a greener future.



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